Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Safe in My Arms" & Merry Christmas!!

Wow!  As I was driving today, I heard a song on Christian radio (that I didn't catch the name of, Sorry) that touched my heart deeply!  The song was describing many different storms of life, and after the description of each, the Chorus part always repeated "But you will be Safe in My Arms".

Since I was listening to Christain radio, I knew that the Being they were singing about always being safe in the arms of, was our wonderful God; but I couldn't help but relate the words to my own feelings for my children....  I couldn't stop thinking about the unconditional love that a parent feels for their child and the fact that parents will sacrifice ANYTHING to keep their children safe, always!

Once the song was over, I began to think about my part in the Christmas Cantata at my church this year.   I was Mary (what an honor)!   And in one of my songs the lyrics were "You are my child, and also child divine.  I will hold you forever just as your will hold me forever!"  Wow!   That line of lyrics speaks about both God's love for ALL of his children and about a parent's never ending love for their child, all at the same time.   What a powerful way to view what Mary must have felt, knowing that her child would 'care for her' just as much as she for Him!

As I sit here tonight wrapping Christmas presents, and almost lost in the 'craziness' of Christmas busyness, I am so Blessed to be reminded over and over of the amazing Gift that was given to us on that First Christmas!   The tiny baby that would change the world and forever "Hold" us all!

Thank you Lord for Christmas, for my children, for your Child Divine, for Mary, and for the existence of Unconditional Love between a Parent and Child!!   We are so Very Blessed!

Merry Christmas to all!