Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gimme that booger!

As I sit here on my 3rd day of being home taking care of my sick children, I had to laugh as I replayed a scene from earlier today in my head....

My youngest does NOT like blowing his nose!  If he had his way, he would leave all snot and boogers in his nose indefinitely.  He just has some issue with the odd way it feels to blow his nose.....  So, here is how the conversation went:
Mom: "I can see that your nose is full of snot.  Let me help you."
Son: "No!"
Mom: "But it will feel better to get that out of there."
Son: "No, I want it in there."
Mom: "But all that junk in your nose is keeping the germs in your body, that are making you sick."
Son: "I don't care."
Mom: (now frustrated) "I am getting a tissue now."
Son: whining
Mom: "I see it! Gimme that booger!!"
Next thing I know, he blows his nose really hard and all that junk is out!! I got so excited, that we proceeded to have some kind of "booger" party....  We laughed and hugged and congratulated.  We cheered and even noticed that he could now breathe out of his nose!

Thinking back on that now, I can't help but wonder why I so imfatically wanted that disgusting stuff.....I mean, I cheered and smiled like I had just won an award or found a fantastic deal on shoes!!  I am usually quite easily grossed out, so why, today, did this not bother me....?

Then it hit me.... of course....because of unconditional love. Because when our children need us, we do whatever it takes to help them.  When it comes to our children, we don't contemplate our feelings before we act, we just immediately do what needs to be done.

So, as I sat thinking about that I realized that our Heavenly Father does the same for us each and every day.  He wants us to lay our burdens and needs on him, no matter how messy they are!  And Jesus, well his job on Earth was to die to take away all of our sins.  He willingly took and takes all of our ickiness, "boogers", "snot", and everything gross in our lives, so that we may live freely, knowing that we are taken care of!!  How amazing is that!  Just as we parents try to take all burdens and "ickiness" from our children, and make them feel better; so does our Heavenly Father, Son, & Holy Spirit take all of our burdens & "ickiness".   God does not contemplate which of our issues are too messy to deal with, or which burden might be too icky to handle......No, he just jumps right in and says "Give me your Boogers! Give me your sickness! Give me your worries, no matter how icky!"  And then, we are left with the clear pathway to 'breathe freely' and live happily!

Thank God, in every way, for Unconditional Love!!