Monday, April 24, 2017

With Faith All Things are Possible

It has been a funny, strange, day, or at least it makes me laugh. :-)

I am going to speak to a Mom's Next group tonight, and what the heck qualifies me to do that when I am such a mess myself? 

Just in the last two days, I have missed the spring baseball registration deadline, double-booked babysitters for a whole 24 hour period (and they both took it off from their jobs);   ugh.  

This morning I tried to tend to a sick kid, which included cleaning a humidifier, filling essential oil diffusers, making sore throat tea and honey, and more.  But, I didn't get up any earlier in the morning, because who pre-plans these things...right? 

But I somehow expected that I could do all of that, shower and get ready, and gather all of things needed for the day and evening, because I have a speaking engagement tonight....and still make it to school on time with the other kid.... 

Well guess what; I did it, essentially, but I was the mom squealing up to the school 30 seconds before the final bell rang, just like the mom on the movie Bad moms. :-) 

I had not experienced that school morning Rush before.
I guess it's something every mom must experience at least once. Ha!

Well, back to my speech tonight; I am going before mothers with kids in the same age range as mine, and I am supposed to give them some inspiration or information that they don't already know. How will I do that, when I can't even run a school morning in an effective way? 

Here's what I am going to do... I intend to walk in there and be real. I am going to tell them all about my disorganized, stressful, morning.  I am going to show them how discombobulated I was, and how, even though I wanted to crawl back in bed and hide, I made it through the day with the help of God.

You see, my topic for tonight is perseverance. A topic that my ministry value statement is built on.  Perseverance because of Faith; because without faith would we really make it through this craziness?  For me, and probably many of my readers, the answer is no. 

No, we couldn't make it through every day of this mommy craziness, without faith, trust in Him, and God's love. Because, without God and our knowledge that He is orchestrating every crazy moment for a reason; that He has our best interests in mind, we might not be able to keep going on this hamster-wheel of mommy life.

Well, I went to the event with my head held high; knowing that we are all in the same goofy, busy, rocking, motherhood, boat.   We shared stories, and laughed, and teared up.  We encouraged one another.  

I found the strength within my exhausted self, and certainly 100% by Faith, to inspire these other mamas to: 
  v Find the strength to weather life’s storms by turning to God for help.
  v Persevere through life’s valleys by clinging to your Faith.
  v Hear God’s voice and plan, even on the darkest of days. 

    I hope and pray that you too will be reminded today, that you and God together can persevere through whatever storm life currently has you in!   With faith, all things are possible!