Saturday, October 24, 2015


Many times in the Psalms, the word "Selah" is used. 

I am currently leading a Women's Bible Study group that is

learning about letting things go; letting go of our controlling 

nature, and realizing that God is in control.   Last week, we 

came upon the word "Selah", and our books said that it 

means "to pause and listen" or "to stop and think".

When in a part of our study focused on "listening", we 

decided that we wish to know more about this Hebrew 


Below, I share what I learned when I dug deeper, hoping to

find wisdom from this word, "Selah", that was used 71 times 

in the Psalms. 

It appears that Selah was a musical term. This term occurs only in the Psalms, and elsewhere only 3 times in Habakkuk. This Hebrew music term is connected with the use of the temple music.

סֶלָה (çelâh, seh'-law): suspension (of music), i.e. pause

Selah: Rest, silence.This seems to have been a short pause in the singing of the Psalms.

Easton's Bible Dictionary defines it as: as word frequently found in the Book of Psalms, about seventy-four times in all in Scripture. Its meaning is full of doubt. Some interpret it as meaning "silence" or "pause;" others, "end," "a louder strain," "piano," etc. The LXX. render the word by daplasma i.e., "a division."

Well then...That's clear as mud....

For whatever reason, I expected to find a more concrete answer when studying this word.  I was happy to find that it is a musical term, as I am lover of all things music, but honestly, I was hoping for more insight into pausing and listening in life....

It is difficult to pause and listen, whether it be to what your loved ones have to say, or listening for the prompts of God, it is difficult in this fast paced life, to pause to listen!  I noticed that "Selah" is usually at the end of a phrase, in the Psalms.  I can now understand, both musically and spiritually, why the psalmist would want us to "pause" and let the beautiful words of the Psalm 'sink in', so to speak. If the Psalms are read in a hurry, much of the meaning and spirituality of the words is lost. 

Well, now that I think about it, isn't the same true with much of life?  If we don't pause, rest, stop and think, we miss much of the meaning!  The best memories are made in moments of rest, pause, or attention.  In fact, we wouldn't remember the moments at all, if we didn't pause to capture them! 

So, whether you are hoping to be a better listener, wishing for more restful times, or waiting to hear God's instruction for your life, be sure to work "Selah" into your everyday life!   

Pause, and listen to all around you. Don't miss any moments! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I feel weak.

The pace of this life that I live, has me exhausted!  This past week, I had so much going on; between my own obligations, my day job, my ministry, my kids' schedules and events.....There were a few days that I didn't get lunch, and I was going full speed, every day, from 6am-10pm, without even sitting down! 

I am willing to bet that many of you have had times like that. Sometimes, when we over-commit ourselves and our family members, and devote much more time to 'perceived obligations', than to taking care of ourselves and our loved ones; we can feel major burn out. 

This past week, I thought I was fighting the burn out well.  I was already 3 very full, busy days into the week, and felt calm and collected, and able to keep on moving forward through this crazy busy life!   Then, it happened..... My son's school called, as I was going about my day job remind me that I was late for a very important meeting!  A meeting that I had asked for, and prayed for, for 4 years.  There were 5 professionals waiting for me, a 20 minute drive away, and I had forgotten all about it! Completely forgot.....

As I ran from my desk to my car, and called in backups; I felt more rushed and exhausted than ever!  I felt panic and I felt powerless.   I felt embarrassed, and like such a failure, for having forgotten about such a very important meeting! 

I jogged into the meeting, short of breath, and profusely apologized from the humbled, embarrassed depth of my heart!  The meeting went well, and thank God that the individuals in attendance all waited for me to arrive!  This meeting truly had been in the making for 4 years....

As I left the meeting, pleased with the outcome.....I felt an empowerment come over me.  It was stemming from the realization that I was so mentally weak, from 'life' the days before, that I had "checked out" on the most important event in my week!  At that point, I felt strength and motivation overcome me...... I looked back at all of the 'busy-ness' on my calendar.....all of the 'perceived obligations' that stole my time from me; and I prayed for God to give me the strength to discern the difference between the events on my calendar that are truly "optional" and the events that are non-negotiable. 

Right in that time of weakness and deep embarrassment; the Lord made clear to me, once again, which items on my calendar are worth the "rush" associated with making them happen, and which are not.   The strength within me, to say "No" to the 'perceived obligations', and always an emphatic YES, to love, proud parenting, and God's guidance, was renewed! 

Here I sit, typing with pride, as a woman, renewed with strength and the power to stand up for what's important to me!  

I certainly found strength in the weakness that God put before me this week, and I look forward to using that strength to slow the 'Rush', and focus on what's truly important!

May your upcoming week be full of Strength, and the power to stand up for what is important to you! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Patience is a very difficult thing to have!  In this very fast paced life, waiting for something that we want, can be excruciating! 

God tells us in many places in the Bible to "Have Patience".  Here are a few that we are going to look at today: 

Romans 8:25
But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. 

Luke 8:15
But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. 

Romans 8:25 makes me remember being pregnant. The actual baby could not be seen, but we waited for it with patience.  Conception sometimes takes patience; the act of birth takes patience...   In all of that waiting and hoping, for what we do not see, we are to be patient.   But it's very difficult to wait for the positive on the pregnancy test, or to wait to meet that baby that's growing in a tummy, or to wait to see if the baby is healthy after birth....  These are times when we have no other choice than to be patient.  Nothing that we do can speed up the process in any of these instances, only God himself can make things happen. 

I believe that calm patience is an important factor in the equation of life, and in receiving what we've hoped for! 

Luke 8:15 makes me think of growing a garden and a flower bed. Both take much patience and a lot of time.  You must start the seed, and if it is maintained with all the right "good stuff", it will grow into a beautiful plant full of vegetables or beautiful flowers! 

As I began to think about that scripture, I was first convinced that described my role as a mother.  To plant my children in 'Good Soil', and keep patiently feeding them the right knowledge, love, and Scripture, so that they may grow into prosperous, healthy adults.   

That is certainly true, but I also realized, that even as fully grown adults, we must plant ourselves in 'Good Soil', and maintain our health, both physically and spiritually.  We must continually learn, and seek knowledge.  In order to continue to 'bear fruit', at home, work, in marriage, at church, and in every other avenue of life, we must patiently care for ourselves appropriately.   

In this time of transition in my own life, I am finding graceful patience very important, and  I thank God every moment that I am 'planted' among other healthy, happy, and caring 'flowers', and that I am constantly fed by His word, and by the wonderful people He has placed around me! 

Thank you Lord, for making your 'Good Soil' available to us every day, to keep us growing in faith, and blooming through life! 

Here's a great song, called "Grow"........Enjoy!