Sunday, February 26, 2017

Live life as a Warrior, not as a Worrier

That title quote came from a great book I just read, "Fear Fighting" by Kelly Balarie.  

The full sentence from the book was " I don't want to live life as a wreak; I want to live life as a worshiper and a warrior, not a worrier".  

What a great sentence! That about sums it up for me. Sometimes I feel like a wreck, when all I want to be is a worshiper and Warrior for Him!

We all need reminding, often, that we can be a great warrior for God, even in the little things we do each day.

Let me share with you some wonderful quotes from this great book....these caused me to do some soul-searching...

"It is imperative we stand united so when fear tries to knock us over into failure (which tends to disguise itself as the pursuit of perfection), we rise as a red-rover band of women unbroken."

"If you spend your whole life grasping for happy in the future, you’ll end up missing God’s transformation in the present. You’ll run after something but you’ll never catch it."

"...reality sometimes makes me ask myself, How do you chase God when a whole lot of cruddy stuff is always nipping at your heels?"

" believe is to relieve the tension of what is to come. You hand over your will and then rest arrives."

Okay, let's tackle that first quote about the Red-Rover band of women... Maybe you didn't get the image in your mind the first time you read it, but let me help you. Remember when you used to play Red Rover Red Rover? You linked hands and tried as hard as you could to hold on and not let anyone through your line. Well this is what us women need to live like. Imagine, if we all held on tightly to all the women around us, to beat the negativity that comes our way day in and day out. Imagine if we fought societies expectations together, rather than inflicting them upon each other. We could be an Unstoppable Force!

That 2nd quote above; wow!  I was just at a Women's conference this weekend, and heard the very same thought there too.  We are so wrapped up in making plans for the future, that we often miss the beauty in the moment right in front of us.   Ladies, let's try to be more cognizant of the wonderful blessings in each moment of TODAY. 

The third quote, to me, speaks about the speed of our ever busy lives.  The large number of chaotic "messes" that we get into and crawl out of, each and every day.   With all of that, where is there time to meditate over God's beautiful word or to knell in silent prayer?   

And lasty, of course, the reminder, the ever needed reminder, that we need not fear ANYTHING if we only believe.  If you trust and fully believe God's promises, there is no need to fear! 

The Book Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie is just an all around, beautiful reminder of the strength that fear has over us, and the power that faith has against it!  

I would strongly recommend this book! 


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


In this constantly busy, ever moving life, the power of Pause can be hard to experience.  

Today, while running my morning errands, I was given a very beautiful opportunity to Pause.

If you've been reading my Blog for a while, you probably will recall that music is a large part of who I am.   One song can change my day for the better, and the days that I get to sing, are the best days! 

If you look at the date of this post, you will also see that today is Valentine's Day.   As a person who tries not to fall prey to the commercialization of all of these "holidays", I don't have much planned today.   I did however, stop and buy a heart shaped cake to share with my family.   

While at the grocery store, standing in line to pay, I was blessed with a day-changing gift, and a cherished moment of Pause.

A group of 6 men, walked into the grocery store near me, in tuxedos with red ties and cummerbunds.  They proceeded to deliver a "Singing Valentine" to a woman working at the grocery store.  They gave a stellar performance!  They sang an entire song, at length, with beautiful harmony.   The woman receiving the song was smiling so broadly, and then happy tears began to flow down her face.  

This was a touching moment for me, to Pause and witness, for many reasons...

* The gift these men were sharing with so many people, by sharing their talented voices, was deeply inspiring. 

* The dedication they showed to creating pure awe with each word they sang, showed a true example of "love your neighbor as yourself", in that they sought to spend their whole day making others day wonderful. 

* The beauty of watching to recipient of this gift, be so deeply touched by it, was enough alone, to be grateful for having shared in that moment;  and she was a total stranger. 

* The peacefulness that my soul felt, in those brief moments of Pause, was powerful!   In those moments, I was reminded of the kindness humanity is capable of.  I was reminded of the power of Pause, grasped whenever we can, throughout the never-ending tasks of our days. 

Job 37:14

Pause a moment, Job, and listen;

consider the wonderful things God does.
Pause, dear children of God, Pause......

Then, blessed once again, as I sit here in Starbucks Pausing from daily life, to type this post; I looked up the origin of Job 37, and this is all I needed to know...

"Then the Lord spoke to Job, out of the storm......"

Now that verse takes on even more meaning!  So often in the midst of our minor storms, our trials during the journey of motherhood, and throughout the journey of this life, for that matter; we need to be reminded right from the middle of each storm, to Pause to notice the wonderful things around us! Click To Tweet

That special moment in the grocery store this morning, that caused me to pause and soak in the beauty of those God-given voices and those joy-filled tears, blessed my day too.  So, as I walk into the rest of my busy day today, I am refreshed by the joy that overcame me, in that moment of Pause.

May your days be filled with small, beautiful pauses, that remind you of God glory and presence, even in the midst of storms!