Sunday, September 18, 2016

Out of the mouths of babes...

This summer, my 9 yr. old son played baseball.  It was so much fun to watch him and his teammates learn and grow throughout the season!   The difference in their skills and teamwork, from the 1st game to the last was tremendous! 

There is one game in particular, that I will not soon forget...
My son played so wonderful!  He had 2 home-runs and bases were loaded one of those times.  It was so exciting! 

My heart warmed each time that I saw his cute face, glowing with pride, at the job that he was doing!  Even more heartwarming though, was the conversation that he and I had after the game...

I gave him a big hug and many congratulations; and when we got in the car to drive home, I asked "Do you know what was different tonight, that you were able to hit so well?"  His response was so perfect....

He said "Well mom, I have had a couple of bad days.  I decided tonight that the bat in my hands was going to help me beat down the devil,  which was the ball.  I've been getting into trouble, and I decided to hit him out of my brain." (Followed by another proud, beautiful smile on his face)

Wow!  I was even more proud in that moment!  I was well aware that he had been having a rough week, so I responded with, "So did that help? Do you feel better now?"  To which he said "Yes!  I beat him!"


If only we all remembered, that our response to temptation, to bad days, to less than perfection, should be to fight back, and be even more awesome in return!   When we are frustrated by the devil, and want him to go away, all we need to do is hit harder than him; fight harder than him! 

Go into life's struggles with a plan to beat the Devil! Use faith and prayer as your tools to swing hard! Turn your bad days into Victories! 

.......I smiled even larger that evening, knowing that my kids know how to fight back against the Devil! 

Have a GREAT WEEK, and
Knock the Devil out of Your Ballpark!        
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When you are Broken and Sinking, Part 2

For some reason, I just can't stop thinking about my previous post, "When you are broken and sinking". 

I just keep going over the content in my mind. I feel like it was sort of a cliffhanger; a sad post... And I don't want that! 

I want to Encourage, Enlighten, and spread Happiness through sharing Trust and Hope in our amazing God!

First things first, I want to say thank you to my readers! I received many encouraging and caring messages and prayers after my last post. It was so touching! This is yet another reason why I love being a Christian blogger so much! The readers of my blog help surround me in times of need, with prayers and hope and the love of fellow believers! :-)

I have been through many storms in life, some bigger than others, but the unsinkable ship that has carried me through them all, is my faith in our amazing God! In some of life's storms, I have learned, that the only being that I can rely on, trust, and speak candidly too, is GOD.  He is always listening, ever helping, and all-knowing! He provides the answers, the tools needed, to get us through all storms of life!

Also, as I have been thinking about this topic, I think about God anchoring me in the extremely happy times of life. The over-the-top exciting, overwhelmingly, wonderful times that come occasionally in this life. I have found myself needing to be anchored to truth and stability during those times too. If I had continued to flow into the clouds of bliss, certainly something would have gone awry with those beautiful blessings. But instead, my faith has anchored me to the non-boasting, not greedy, grateful and thankful happiness that is available when you know our Lord!

So, in follow up to my previous post about being Broken and Sinking; I am happy to report, that the storm is still stirring, but the SON is shining, and my ship is STRONG in HIM! 

May you be anchored by God's love and encouraged by His Word every day!  Peace! 

God's Beauty at the River that Day...