Thursday, February 25, 2016

Live courageously! Adventure on!

While recently discussing my options for changing my life path; a friend told me "you have to have the courage to make I needed change!"

When I pondered her statement for a couple of days, I really evaluated my level of "courage" and to me, that came through also, as my level of trust in God's Plan.

A few days later, I received my scheduled shipment of Christian home and hospitality items.....
My thoughts had been focused on building up the courage to make a much needed life change, to better my health, and therefore my attitude; and look toward a better future. So my shipment had this bracelet in it, based on Psalm 16:11.....

And as you see, the bracelet says "Live Courageously, Adventure On."

What a great reminder of the encouragement my friend gave me days before.  And also, the verse noted on the bracelet, reminded me once again that God will show me His plan for my life, and grant me pleasures. 

Wow!   "Have Courage to make a change."  "Live Courageously."  "God shows me the way." "Adventure On."    I guess God's message to me, through this bracelet and through my friend, was clearly, that I needed to be courageous and move forward in my adventure of life! 

The following day, as I was wearing that bracelet, for a constant reminder, I came across this image, and found meaning in the arrow that is on the bracelet too...   

 just focus and keep aiming, just focus and keep aiming....

I am so happy to say, that I listened to God (and my dear friend) and had courage, and I was launched toward something great!  I am starting a new chapter in life, facing this adventure with courage in Christ!  I will stay focused and keep aiming! 

Blessings to your week!   May you find the courage to Adventure On! 

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Direction am I going?

My life has seemed pulled in a million different directions lately.   I find myself juggling my FT job, my Ministry, my Bible Study groups, my children, a new puppy (totally my fault :) ), Blogging, worship band, my side-business, my household, and more.  AAAHHHH!   I'm sure most of my readers have felt this way at one time or another.  Life does get overwhelming for each of us sometimes! 

Over the past several weeks, I've found myself so focused on what God might be telling me to do in my life, that I have actually lost touch with Him.  If that doesn't seem to make sense, let me try to explain it in another way.....   All of my senses have been so focused on catching prompts or answers from God, that I have missed all moments of Peace in Him.  I've been doing my devotional time on "cruise", and not even letting the words sink in, because I'm too busy waiting for a huge, Divine Intervention...

When I noticed yesterday that I haven't even posted on this Blog for 17 days, my eyes were truly opened...  Blogging is such an outlet for my spiritual feelings and personal revelations.  It is so soothing and heart warming to Blog. 

Unfortunately, in my quest to find answers, It appears that I have pushed many of the parts of my life that feed my Christian soul, away.  I recently took a month off from worship band, which is usually the best part of my week!  I simply LOVE it!  As I said above, I neglected to Blog.  I am 2 full weeks behind in my group Bible Study, because I am not making time for it.  Wow have I been going about this all wrong!   In an attempt to allow time for my thoughts to connect with God's plan, I have actually pushed Him away. 

This makes me very sad...  I am so thankful that I have now realized that my human 'plan' that I thought would help me figure things out, was the exact opposite of what I truly need.  What I need, every day, in every way possible, is the Lord!  I need to allow all of my prior Christian life aspects back into my life, immediately, and maybe I will hear His plan much more clearly! 

I've been thinking about this Blog post throughout my whole day today, and on my drive home tonight, this song came on Christian radio: 

"Backseat Driver" by Toby Mac

"I don't want to navigate..."
"Thought I had it all right, til the road went left" 

Not only is that a wonderfully peppy song to end a work day with, but it is so true!   I DON'T want to navigate my own life; Lord, please take it over! 

Obviously, when I think I have it all right (like taking breaks from things I love, in order to accomplish more mental clarity), the road goes left (making my focus even less than before, as my connection with God lessens, through the general busyness of life). 

I feel truly blessed tonight, and full of a new peace, having realized that I've been trying too hard to hear the voice of God, and to feel His prompts in my life. 

Going forward, I am going to relax my efforts to hear Him, and just let it happen.  I am going to stop being a 'Backseat Driver', and just shut up and let Him do the driving! 

Peace to you all this evening!