Sunday, May 22, 2016

Scars Make Us Beautiful

Scars make us beautiful!

It has taken me 17 yrs. to understand and truly  believe that...

For many years, I hated the external scars on my face and chin from a very bad car accident. I styled my hair in a way to hide the scars on my forehead; I tried every "scar reducer" and "concealer" that exists.

Also, as a mother, I have "scars" (stretch marks) on my stomach, from carrying babies, and for several years after child bearing, I tried every stretch mark cream available for purchase; finding none that worked well. For a while, I had told myself that I would never again wear a swimsuit that showed any of those "scars".

And then there's internal scars... the ones from simply living.  The scars from a broken heart or shattered dreams. The scars from lost friendships and lost loved ones.

Recently I've found a deep new appreciation for all of my scars, both external and internal, as I've realized and admitted to myself that they are what have formed me into who I am today!

The physical scars from my car accident once reminded me each and every morning as I looked in the mirror, of pain, shattered glass, and emotional brokenness. But now, each time I see them, I am reminded how strong I have become, how much my faith has grown as God brought me through that, and of my passion to share my story of faith and perseverance with others!

The scars from carrying babies, now are proud reminders of my greatest blessings!  God has blessed me with 2 wonderful children, and some people never get the chance to experience child birth or motherhood.  I am thankful every day, that I was given the opportunity to bring my children into this world, and to watch a growing belly in anticipation.  

Watching children grow and form into who they are going to be as adults; watching their personality's bloom and their beliefs form, is such an incredible blessing.

The internal scars, of hurt and heartache, of disappointment and lost dreams; these are our scars that no one knows about, unless we share the story. These are the scars that, I believe, form us the most!  

Those internal scars have brought me closer to God, each and every time. They have shaped me into the strong woman that I am today. The internal scars, the trials, teach us things that cannot be taught without living through the traumatic event.  

Today, I can honestly say "I am proud of my Scars!" I am proud of all that I have been through, and of who I have become. And I hope and pray that you too can be very proud of the scars that you have earned! 

Thank you Lord, for the way that you pre-destined our lives and for all the blessings that you have given us, even blessings through trials.  Amen. 

May you all learn to view your scars as blessings too, and value all that you have learned through them!

Here is a beautiful song, that prompted me to write this post: 

"That's What Scars are For" by Mandisa

Enjoy!  Blessings to you today and always!