Saturday, July 29, 2017

Attempts to Bring us Down

After having spent most of last week at a Christian Writing and Speaking Conference, I left there feeling empowered by God, to take on the World (well, maybe not the's a common phrase).

This conference included twice daily worship with amazing music, classes led by strong women of faith that radiate Jesus' love, main sessions that made you laugh and cry and pray and dance, all in the same 50 minutes, and more.   I am so blessed to have been able to attend for a 2nd time! 

I learned so much new information to help me move my ministry forward, and go after (ever harder) God's calling for me! 

On the flight home, I reviewed notes and made several different "To Do" lists, with the information that I had gained at the conference. 

I wasn't prepared however, for the Spiritual Warfare that would hit me, right after I arrived home.... I wasn't ready to go back to "the real world", I preferred to keep my mind and heart in that lovely place filled with singing Jesus Girls!

Well, guess what? Real life hit hard.  I walked into my home to screaming/arguing children and an exhausted, upset husband.  I sat my luggage down on a very dirty floor filled with Nerf Darts and tootsie roll wrappers, and there I was, back in "reality". 

Now, don't get me wrong, for the most part, I love my "reality".  Being a mother and ministering to my family is certainly a very large part of my calling from God too; and I love that part more than any other!  But, that hotel filled with serenity and praise (and full meals and sleep) was so fresh in my mind, that I longed to stay there just a little longer...

But my mind was jolted back to the screaming kids, and the dry garden, and the pile of dishes, and, and...    I spent that first afternoon and evening at home, trying to get things in order for my family's coming week (It was Sunday), and re-connecting with my children about all that they did while I was gone. 

The next morning, I awoke feeling overwhelmed by the "To Do" lists that I had made on the plane.   How was I ever going to accomplish all those things?  I prayed "Lord, this is not feasible.  How can I, one, single person, accomplish all that you have set on my heart to do?"

As I sluggishly got ready to go to my day job, this wonderful song came on Christian Radio, and it changed my whole perspective...

I was reminded, almost instantly, that the negative feelings that I was having, were certainly spiritual warfare, set up against all of the wonderful things that God had placed on my heart.  

Thanks to God's strategic placement of this song in that very moment, I was reminded that I don't have to worry about "when"; He will provide the time.  I don't have to hide in that quiet hotel room, or dodge the bullets of "real life", I can face them head on, and prevail, because I have the Armor of God on, and I will not be stopped. 

So ladies, although I know daunting days and delirious decades may be a part of your "real" life right now, carry on sweet sister, and be daily reminded of the bulletproof armor that God has placed upon you.  You don't have to fear or worry, for He will take care of you. He will take care of your family.  He will take care of whatever is heavy on your heart today.  

Don't allow the negative thoughts and emotions into your heart.  You are strong enough to push them away.  Heck, Girl, You are bulletproof.                          Click to Tweet