Monday, February 23, 2015


I have been thinking a lot today; wondering really... "What good does it do anyone to live life with Anger?"

In my life experience thus far, the above Bible verse stands true!  Anyone that has acted with anger toward me or my loved ones, has certainly come across as a "fool".

There is no point to anger.....It doesn't solve anything, doesn't fix anything, doesn't turn back time, can't make things the way you want them, and certainly doesn't earn anyone friends....   Anger breaks down relationships, decreases trust, shows weakness, and hurts the recipients of it.

So what then shall we do when we begin to feel angry about something?  Be wise and stay under control!  How should we accomplish that?  I have found that taking a break from the situation works wonders.  Meditation, prayer, and finding answers within Scripture are also very helpful!

Wouldn't it be great to be the "wise man" that keeps under control?  What did Jesus do whenever he was confused or upset?  He prayed.  He prayed to God to help him see the reason for his trials or mountains he faced.  And then, once he understood God's plan, he was calm to move forward.

What then makes Anger worth acting upon?  NOTHING!  There is no reason to act out in anger.  God can help you through it!   Everyone who cares for you can help you through it!  Anger is not to be blamed on current day stresses, nor on anyone other than ones-self.  Look at this verse....Anger has been a issue since biblical times.  But still today, it is a WISE MAN, who keeps his/her anger under control.

Strive to be wise, and control anger, toward anyone, yourself included.  You will find, that a life without anger, is filled with much more happiness & joy!

May God guide each and every one of you toward a more peaceful, anger free, existence; full of Love and Happiness!   Amen.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Bad Day gone Good

Ugghh!  What a bad start I had to my day this past Sunday! I left the house in a rush, with only foundation on, and threw all the rest of my makeup into my bottomless mommy purse, as I ran out the door.  I arrived at worship rehearsal 10 minutes late, frazzled, & already a little worn out (and it was only 8:10am)...

 Now, if you know me, you know that my best friend is COFFEE!  I literally need it to survive!  So, after arriving at church & getting set up, I finally had the opportunity to go into the kitchen there to get my first, much needed cup for the day....  A moment later as I took that first wonderful sip, I must have gotten too over zealous, and tipped my cup too far...    Coffee down the front of my shirt!  Yes, the 6th shirt that I had tried on that morning, trying to find the right one, and now it was coffee stained!

As worship rehearsal went on, I proceeded to trip UP some stairs, pull a muscle in my elbow (Ouch!), and spill food on my pants as well...

When the worship band was preparing to start worship, all I could keep thinking was "Boy this is a cruddy day!  Why is my day so 'off' today? What next? etc...."  But then, the service started and the "Welcome" had these sentences in it: "At times we feel as if we are perishing under the demands of our day, unable to see clearly what is most important.  We become enslaved by our routines and enticed by shallow distractions." and then "O, God, help us restore balance to our lives." 

AMEN!  I thought!   Boy, I needed to hear that! 

And service went on to a "Prayer" which held these words: "In Christ, God lifts the veil so we can catch a glimpse of glory.  There is peace to be found in the middle of chaos. There is freedom and quiet even in the middle of our busyness."

Ah, a sigh of relief, at that point my stress from the less-than-perfect morning that I had had, melted away, and I was fully delved into worship.  Now I was ready to sing to the Lord with my Whole Heart!

As the service went on, there were wonderful lyrics to the songs that our worship band sang as well; they really touched me!   Even though we had rehearsed them earlier that morning, I had not even been open to RECEIVEING their beautiful meaning, because I was too distracted by my own messiness....

In the songs we sang I heard, fully this time, "You are love, You are peace, You cause the raging storm to cease. Now I fall to my knees and I worship You, not for all the mighty things you have done...but the first and foremost reason I call out Your name, You are worthy, You are holy, You are God!" (From "You are God" by Peder Wide)
And...... "Who brings our chaos, back into order? Who makes an orphan, a son or daughter?  The King of glory. The King above all kings!" (From "This is Amazing Grace" by Jeremy Riddle)

I don't believe I need to say much more..... :)

Thank You Lord for bringing me out of my state of self pity, and back to living in Your freedom & Peace!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Answering Prayer

I have to admit that yesterday was the 1st time I have ever watched the movie "Evan Almighty".  I don't know why I hadn't seen it...I really loved the movie "Bruce Almighty"....   I guess motherhood had somehow gotten in the way of me being available to notice and make time for the movie "Evan Almighty".   But, oh my, what a GREAT movie!   And I am SO glad that I watched it!

There were so many wonderful parts of this movie; which depicts the journey of Noah building the Ark, only a modern day Noah in a modern World.

There is a scene in this movie where Evan's wife and children have left him, for fear that he has gone crazy..... And his wife is in a restaurant, and speaks with the waiter, "Al Mighty", about their problems.....    
The advice that "Al Mighty" gives her is as follows:
"If someone Prays for Patience, do you think God gives them patience, or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?   If someone prays for courage, does God give them Courage or does he give them opportunities to be courageous?  If someone prays for family closeness, does God zap them with warm fuzy feelings or does he give them opporuities to love each other...."

If you'd like to watch that scene, go to:

Wow, huh?  What a WONDERFUL way to look at the way in which God answers Prayer!!!  Sometimes we wonder why we have not received an answer to our prayers, but this explanation just reminds us that we need to watch closely for all of the opportunities that God puts in front of us, that allow us chances to accomplish that which we were praying for!  As I watched that scene over and over and thought about the past year in my own life; I was absolutely blown away by all of the instances in which God placed what I thought were "obstacles" in the way of MY plans, only to lead me right into opportunities to accomplish HIS plan, and in turn, realize the answers to my Prayers!   What an amazing and awesome God we have!!

May you watch and listen closely, for the Opportunities that God sends your way!