Monday, July 16, 2018

Pleasant Surprises

If we will keep God first place, if we will walk in His ways, all these blessings will overtake us.
Deuteronomy 28:1
In that verse, the word “overtake” is translated to mean “to catch by surprise.” God wants to bless us, and He is continuously good to His children. God wants to surprise you. He wants you to be amazed at the blessings He lays upon your life. When we begin to trust Him, and rely on Him as we sometimes struggle through life we will begin to relax as we learn to wait upon the Lord.
Our Heavenly Father enjoys surprising us with His goodness, and I experienced that with great joy last weekend!

Those of you that know me, know how much I LOVE singing, and how important music is to me. I was invited, at the last minute, to go to a local dancing bar, that I have only been to once, in the last 12 years... Since there would be good company there, I decided, "what the heck"...

When I arrived at this country bar, on the weekend of the local Rodeo, it was packed! As I asked questions about the band, and spoke with them on their break, I found out that they were from Nashville, and had come up that weekend, especially for the Rodeo crowd! And boy was that a good move, as this particular country bar was PACKED that night!
When chatting with the band, I proceeded to say "If you need a female backup for any songs tonight, I would be more than happy to get on stage and give it a try!" They courteously said OK.
About an hour later, as the band was taking another break, the lead singer came over to me and said "Hey, you can sing the first song of the next set if you would like." To which I said sure! 

He asked if I knew the tune, and I said yes! It is one of the country classics that my band performed in Medora that summer.....
So, a bit later, there I was, center stage, right in the most energizing place that I ever get to be, SINGING! And this Nashville band was GOOD. The lead singer then stepped back from his microphone and said "You just take it, you got it!"    I was immediately overwhelmed with gratitude! To be standing center stage in this packed bar, singing a country classic that is such a GREAT song, to a room full of people and a packed dance floor was amazing!
I walked off of that stage on cloud 9 for certain!   This was a night full of adrenaline and surprises.
The Lord gave me such a pleasant surprise that weekend! 

I am still in awe of His grace, and of the ways that He places us right where we need to be for him to bless us! Thank you Lord!
As the night went on, I sang with them a few more times, and once the evening was coming to an end, the lead singer asked me for my band business card. I had never given my card to someone from Nashville before, but that night I did, and it felt like a long awaited blessing, like a dream come true, to have completely unexpectedly encountered a band that loves my voice, and wants to contact me in the future!
Thank you Lord for ALL of life's surprises, big or small, as they are the sunshine of our days, weeks, years, and lives!
God will always surprise us with His goodness even when we misstep. We may get off course, but His direction is always right on target.
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Finding our way through life is possible, only with His guidance. This is God's plan for our lives!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Proving a Point, Poolside" My recent post of Bridging the Gap

Hi everyone! 

This post is a bit different than what you are used to seeing from me....

It was written for the "Just for Laughs" section of a Blog that I am a regular contributor for.  

Please enjoy this piece whenever you need a good laugh! 

Proving a Point, Poolside
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My embarrassment is laid out here for your enjoyment! :) hahaha!


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