Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chaos Calls

I'm listening to a song, and the lyrics say "Chaos calls, but all you really need, is to just breathe".

Isn't that the truth! This lifestyle in America today really is chaos calling us each and every day, to jump right into the chaotic days of this life. 

As the same song says, from the moment our alarm clock goes off in the morning, we are rushing for deadlines and schedules; Kids schedules, work schedules, exercise schedules, prayer schedules, church schedules, hobby schedules, and the list goes on...   And then, there's all the events for extended family. Parties, celebrations, sporting events, music events, and more. Don't get me wrong, I love my extended family, and wouldn't trade time with them for anything, but our event calendars these days are just too chaotic!

So today, as I begin to feel panicky about planning for the trip and traveling to my hometown, the best reminder I could have asked for, came from this song on the radio; just Breathe. 

As good memories came flooding back, so did the bad ones, the unpleasant ones, and my brain feels chaotic about going back to that place. 

"Rest at Jesus feet, and breathe".

"Take it in, fill your lungs, it's the peace of God that overcomes",  that is just what I did.

(Link to "Breathe" by Jonny Diaz) 

Take Several deep breaths, of God's grace as a reminder that we are His, and he's got this!. That no memory good or bad, compares to the love and peace found in Him!

So now, I move forward with another chaotic day, filled with rushing and events and exhaustion and COFFEE.

And through it all, I try to radiate that my life belongs to God, and i hope that others see His glory through me.

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